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Dr. Henry Morris III

Classroom Guidelines for Christians in College

Truth is affirmed by facts. Truth is most clearly understood in terms of “what” and “how.” These questions are generally the domain of science. “Who,” “when,” and “where” are generally the domain of history, and history is sometimes less certain because it depends on the written records of those who were present at the time the events were taking place. “Why” is largely the domain of philosophy and is the least certain of all disciplines.

Practical Guidelines for Christians in College

Assuming that we are making a conscious effort to comply with biblical guidelines for our lives, we are all instructed to “do business” until the Lord returns (Luke 19:13). Some of God’s twice-born are specifically called into a ministry field, but many more are called into professions that require other specialized training—thus, the need for further education.

Biblical Guidelines for Selecting a College

Although the Bible does not provide a specific test for prospective educational institutions, there are several broad applicable guidelines for any decision that would expose our minds to information.

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