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ACSI-Accredited DVD Series for CEU

ICR-SOBA has available the following two DVD series that can be viewed for ACSI-accredited CEU. These DVD series can be shown at a school or organization so that you can obtain continuing education credit that upholds the authority and accuracy of God’s Word and will aid you as you minister to students and colleagues.

UTMG/MIHI DVD Series (7 hours total):

Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis: Targeted to the Millennial Generation, Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis supports a biblical worldview with empirical scientific evidence and offers defensible answers to some of the most provocative and controversial questions of faith and science. Through interviews with leading experts, on-location investigations, insights from cutting-edge research, dynamic animation, and stunning visuals, Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis takes viewers on a memorable journey through some of the most fascinating topics in creation science. Each episode is designed around a 22-minute topic ranging from the origins of life to evolution to the age of the universe and Noah's Flood. It is accompanied by a viewer guide to aid discussion and extend learning with other suggested resources. This is a fantastic resource to use in small groups, Bible studies or as a church-wide series. (12 DVD set)

Titles include: 1) Chaos or Cosmos? 2) What is Life? 3) What is Man? 4) Buried Clues 5) Flood or Fiction? 6) How Old is Earth? 7) Dinosaurs! 8) the Ice Age 9) Rise of Civilization 10) Origin of the Universe 11) Uniqueness of Earth 12) Science and Scripture

Made in His Image: Produced from a biblical perspective, Made in His Image will inspire audiences by looking at the human body in all its wonder-fully functional, fully human, and fully created in God's image. Featuring medical, engineering, and other experts like Dr. Randy Guliuzza, Made in His Image will fascinate audiences with mind-blowing facts, dazzling imagery, and memorable illustrations. The four episodes will examine the stages of human development and show that everything we need to fulfill God's plan is instilled in us from the first moments of life. Each episode reinforces the knowledge that every human is special to God. He has endowed each of us with unique physical abilities, intellect, and spiritual lives to fulfill His purpose. (4 DVD set)

Titles include: 1) The Miracle of Birth 2) The Marvel of Eyes 3) Uniquely Human Hands 4) Beauty in Motion

Truth on Tour DVD Series (6 hours total):

Why We Need Creation Apologetics: ICR's Dr. James J.S. Johnson gives four reasons why Christians should use apologetics--a rational defense of the faith.  He shows how apologetics can corroborate Scripture's accuracy, contradict the lies of evolution, clarify confusions for believers searching for answers, and strengthen our focus on Christ.

Scientific Evidences for Creation: ICR's Frank Sherwin explores the scientific wonders and mysteries of God's living creation

The Mighty, Wonderful Oceans: In this wide-ranging presenation, ICR zoologist Frank Sherwin dives into Earth's awesome oceans and reveals God's handiwork.  Depsite their many theories, evolutionists are still puzzled about where Earth's water came from--it appears to have always been here, just like Genesis says.

Replacing Darwin's Sacred Imposter: In a cutting-edge lecture, ICR's Dr. Randy Guliuzza shows how the mainstream model fails in light of new scientific research.  Rather than being shaped by their environment, creatures themselves sense the environment and adapt accordingly, using internal sensors and brilliant engineering principles.

The Truth of the Genesis Flood: ICR geologist Dr. Tim Clarey relates his discoveries about the stages of the Flood, from its initial rising to its final recession.  He has analyzed hundreds of oil-well data points from multiple continents to reconstruct the Flood's progression and impact, as well as the geography of the pre-Flood world.

The Human Body: Divine Engineering: Dr. Randy Guliuzza, a professional engineer and medical doctor, explores the wonders of the human hand, demonstrating the precise interactions of our nervous systems and muscles that provide its powerful grasp, precision grip, and exquisitely controlled finger movements. Join Dr. Guliuzza as he unwraps the astounding design features that testify to the engineering genius of our Creator, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Exploring Deep Space: Discover solid, biblical answers as we explore the wonders of our solar system and the universe beyond.  Learn what blue stars, spiral galaxies, and mysterious black holes reveal about our awesome Creator, who knows and cares for each one of us.  Along the way, you'll discover complelling evidence for a young universe that fits the Genesis account of creation.

One CEU will be given for each series viewed. $5.00 fee per person required. Each DVD series can be purchased through the ICR Store. A 10% discount will be given with the CODE #CEU10 if purchased through customer service at ICR (800-628-7640).

If interested, please contact Mrs. Mary Smith at ICR for additional information; (214) 615-8322 or msmith@icr.org.


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