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Apply to the Master's Program

How to Apply to the M.C.Ed. Program

  1. Complete the Online Application. Payment of the $50.00 application fee will be made at the end.
  2. Print out the Application Checklist. This will guide you through the rest of the application process.
  3. Complete and email your essay to msmith@icr.edu.
  4. Contact your college(s) and request official transcripts be sent to SOBA. You may use our convenient Transcript Request form.
  5. Contact your references and request that each complete the Character Reference form and send it to SOBA.

A decision about your acceptance will be made after all of these materials are received by SOBA.

Got Questions?

Most questions about the School of Biblical Apologetics are answered in our online FAQ, within the Undergradate Catalog or within the Graduate Catalog. Additional inquiries can be made via email or telephone (during regular office hours).

However, because the Bachelor of Christian Education (B.C.Ed.) degree completion program is customized for students with transfer credits, general questions about that online program should be addressed to the Academic Coordinator, Mary Smith (msmith@icr.edu or 214.615.8322). Specific questions about transfer credit should be addressed to Dr. James J.S. Johnson (jjohnson@icr.edu or 214.615.8314).

ICR’s online programs are as accessible as your computer and its high speed or wireless system allows you to be. There is no need to schedule any “discussion forums” or anything else that requires a specific day or time. Convenient, real-time communication is available by telephone during regular office hours.

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